The Last Peacekeeper Titlescreen Mock-up.

The First Game from Lispy Snake

In The Last Peacekeeper, the first game from Lispy Snake, you play as a bounty hunter bringing the galaxy’s most wanted to justice. That is, until a series of events forces you to confront some of the darkest forces in the universe - including your own demons. This game melds strategy, adventure, and RPG elements to create a gritty adventure that will bring you hours of captivating excitement. This game will break you, build you back up, and then break you again. The question is, do you have what it takes to be The Last Peacekeeper?

Space Battles

The Last Peacekeeper features a brand new battle system for space combat that will ignite the nerd in all of us. Command your ships by creating programming that governs their behavior, then set them loose to accomplish your goals while fending off pirates, hunting down criminals, and engaging with competing bounty hunters.

Program your fleet to do your bidding.

Boarding Party and Crew Combat

You’re not always in your ship though! And sometimes things get rough when you are planetside or when boarding an enemy vessel. When that happens you’ll be engaging with your enemies in a turn-based battle system with the highest stakes. Your crew doesn’t get a second chance, and dead is dead (although if you act fast enough you can save them from permadeath). Are you up to the challenge of being captain of a boarding party?

Assign crew, create boarding parties, prepare your fleet.

Exploring a Living Universe

The galaxy is a large place and you’ll be exploring it either by ship or on-foot. Sail the stars, or hop off your ship to explore space stations and planets. You’ll encounter randomly-generated potential crew members and baddies so that you never know what you’ll find on your adventures. Like the real world, you will encounter many different types of characters from upstanding governors to alcholic cyberpunks - how you deal with them is entirely up to you. Will you be a beacon of hope for the people or the scourge of the systems? You’ll define your place in an ever-changing and dangerous universe.

A space-faring vessel

Coming Soon…

We’ll have more to share on the game as we near our tech demo. For now, if you’d like to support The Last Peacekeeper - you can purchase a license to it and all our future 2D games via our Game Raiser campaign.

Buy The Game Raiser Lifetime License

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