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The Next Level

Well, it has been a few weeks since our last blogpost, so it’s time for somewhat of a status update. Relocation My relocation efforts have gone well, and my family and I are in stable accomodation in the Republic of Ireland. Some big ticket items are taking longer than expected, as I’m meeting resistance with the banks which is delaying the incorporation of an Irish Limited Company. However long it takes, we will be incorporating here.

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Status Update

At the very end of June I announced I was relocating back to the Republic of Ireland, and I’m pleased to announce that move is almost entirely complete. Having been back for almost 3 weeks, it’s time to share a status update so that everyone knows where we’re going from here. On the 13th of July the family and I set off from England, driving from the South East out to Fishguard in Wales.

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Relocation, location, location

Well, despite the madness of the world right now, we have been working. Much of what is happening is being discussed on our IRC channel, with a core group beginning to emerge. However, development work has been reduced of late as we’re in the midst of relocation. Homeward Bound Next month I (Ikey) will be moving back to the Republic of Ireland. Currently this is planned on or around the 17th of July.

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