We're Still Alive

Saturday, March 20, 2021 - Ikey Doherty (CEO)

Oh it’s been far too long since we last all spoke :) So, as you probably know by now, there have been many major disruptions since August. If not, it’s probably best you check out the Delays explanation over at Serpent OS.

Fast forward many setbacks, we’re now almost at a point where we can start working again on the Lispy Snake projects! Without further ado, let’s get this post started.


I don’t know if that’s the right word but there you have it: We’re allowing the UK based company to dissolve, as there is no intent for the team (or myself) to remain long term in the UK. However, as we’re very much at the development stage, there isn’t much point in reincorporating until we’re selling something. The running costs alone make it bleh.

Eventual plan is to reincorporate somewhere sensible with strong EU ties when we’re ready to start selling games. For now, our complete focus is on the open source stack that empowers our games.

Lifetime License Promise

For anyone who bought a lifetime license, whatever entity name was eventually adopt again, know that we’ll always make good on our promise. We appreciate the support you gave us, and we’ll make sure you get access to our games, forever.

At this present time, purchases are paused, as the bookkeeping won’t be currently possible without the UK entity.

“New Name”

Our “new” name is simply “Lispy Snake”. An informal collective responsible for building the Serpent Engine and associated technologies, which has the eventual aim of reincorporating to sell games based on that engine. Indie to the core.

Collaboration points

An interesting element in the timing is where the “moss” package manager is progressing on Serpent OS. As soon as the distribution is off the ground, we’ll have a reliable target with which to target testing and development of our game/content engine. Interestingly, we’re making sure there is sharing between our own projects, and the Serpent OS projects.

For example, we’ll be utilising moss-format to empower our asset system in future, as well as sharing our Entity Component System for use within the moss package manager for state and dependency management.


Totally unsure, but Serpent OS is progressing rapidly to a point where my daily duties will be reduced, and the OS base usable enough, that I can pivot to working again on the game engine. During the early days we’ll focus on code sharing between the projects to enable world class features in both, and a longterm healthy relationship.