Lispy Snake, Ltd: The Next Level

Saturday, August 22, 2020 - Ikey Doherty (CEO)

Well, it has been a few weeks since our last blogpost, so it’s time for somewhat of a status update.


My relocation efforts have gone well, and my family and I are in stable accomodation in the Republic of Ireland. Some big ticket items are taking longer than expected, as I’m meeting resistance with the banks which is delaying the incorporation of an Irish Limited Company. However long it takes, we will be incorporating here.

Planned Pause In Development

Now, I know you read that and said “Told you so.” - in fact the opposite is true. Our sister project, Serpent OS grew out frustration with existing development platforms and portability. Our plan is to lay the foundations for Serpent OS rapidly and pivot to building our game framework, Serpent Engine, exclusively on Serpent OS.

The core of the Serpent OS toolchain is LLVM-built, and the package manager is being written in D. That means we’ll very quickly gain full support for Serpent Engine development on Serpent OS, and work will commence.

Remember: These are all technical solutions to my personal passion.

This will definitely delay development of our engine, but from our perspective this is a Good Thing, as our developers will rely on a consistent platform for testing and development, with full cross-compilation support for all of our targets.

This will set back development by a few months, but we’re still having internal planning discussions and developing prototype ideas for our first game. Spoiler: It’s going to be amazing.

Game Raiser

All funds raised via licenses will be transferred to the Irish entity as soon as it is incorporated here in the Republic of Ireland, and will continue to be valid for life. Your support means the world to us, and we’re going to make sure we deliver an absolutely stellar experience for both gamers and developers alike.

We love ya.