Relocation: Status Update

Monday, August 3, 2020 -

At the very end of June I announced I was relocating back to the Republic of Ireland, and I’m pleased to announce that move is almost entirely complete. Having been back for almost 3 weeks, it’s time to share a status update so that everyone knows where we’re going from here.

On the 13th of July the family and I set off from England, driving from the South East out to Fishguard in Wales. On Tuesday the 14th we set sail across the Rosslare crossing, arriving in Wexford around 4PM. For the first week we travelled extensively, meeting many blockers along the way, before settling into the hotels. 13 days passed from our initial landing, and we managed to secure a 2 bedroom apartment with a river view to die for. This was no easy feat considering the status of the market and the world right now.

As of tomorrow, we’ll have been back here for exactly 3 weeks. In that time we’ve achieved an awful lot as a family, and have completed the first round of decorating in the apartment. The only thing I’m now waiting on is a broadband connection, at which point I can instantly resume work.

We have big plans, and part of that requires us (at some point) reincorporating Lispy Snake, Ltd, as an Irish Limited Company. This will greatly ease our work within the EU, not being hampered by any Brexit stickiness that would have come around as a result of staying in the UK.

My initial prediction was to resume work in the third week of July, and we’re actually only just into August now, so that’s not too erronous, all things considered. As a matter of public interest, the only forseeable delays outside of awaiting broadband connectivity, is the impending arrival of the newest addition to our family, a baby girl. She’s due on the 24th of September, but chances are this will happen earlier and without warning.

Please, remain patient, and I’ll stay as transparent as I can during this period of transition. It is the best possible move for this company and our sister effort, Serpent OS.