Website And Milestones

Saturday, May 30, 2020 -

Well, far be it from us to be idle. We’ve been internally getting quite organised ready for our next stages of development. Oh, and we have some public milestones. Woot.

Website Refresh

Okay, so we’ve refreshed the website a few times.. However we’ve focused more on navigation and content this time. We’ve rebased onto mdbootstrap as unfortunately our web guy has had to refocus priorities due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We completely understand having to refocus and wish all the best!

So, in the interest of making my life a bit easier, I’m just reusing the mdbootstrap project in conjunction with hugo to hopefully simplify maintainence going forward.

We’ve also added “featured images” to the most recent blog posts, making the blog feel somewhat more alive. Additionally we added the most recent posts to the home page, along with some Serpent spoilers.

You’ll also notice there is now a dedicated Serpent section, complete with some milestones and a roadmap.

Lifetime 2D License changes

Very simple change, initiated while redoing the fundraising page. We’re opening the scope for the license and all license copies (past and present) will be for all game types, 2D, 3D, whichever. We’re really grateful for the community support and it’s the least we could do to give a little back.

Bricks Demo

Alright in fairness, if you’ve been following us on Twitter, you already knew about this. We’re working on a quick demo to help further improve Serpent, a Bricks demo. Y’know the drill, hit a ball at the bricks and hope to make them all go away. With this demo we’ll be extending upon the paddle demo to add badly needed features like particle effects, texture recolouring, Windows support, etc.


Right now this is just a verbatim copy paste of the Serpent milestones page. Keep that page bookmarked to stay up to date with milestones and development progression.

Current Features

It is wise to keep in mind our current development philosophy. We take specific milestone goals and apply them to a working demo concept. Each demo is used to flesh out features, and to validate that new code and functionality do not break our existing use cases.

  • Vulkan and OpenGL support
  • Incredibly powerful and fast Entity Component System
  • Almost complete support for Tiled Map Editor maps
  • Fast 2D sprite batching
  • Physics integration via Chipmunk 2D Physics
  • Audio integration via SDL_Mixer (which we will replace with OpenAL)
  • Powerful, simple APIs
  • 2D Rendering over fully 3D pipeline (shader based)

Planned Features

Please note this list is not complete, it serves only to illustrate the scope and ambition of the first full Serpent release.

  • Full property based animations (including uniforms)
  • Integration of first-class scripting
  • Full animation support (procedural, keyframe, cross-interpolation, etc)
  • Character animation (2d/skeletal/etc)
  • Full font support
  • GUI rendering system (overlay)
  • Object / asset management system
  • 3D Cameras
  • 3D Audio
  • 3D Physics
  • Full input management and abstraction (gamepads, trackers, etc)
  • Visual scripting
  • Animation editor
  • Full shader pipeline support (post processing, etc)
  • Shader caching/compilation/storage
  • Offscreen render support
  • Physics debug rendering (2d/3d)
  • Asset management tool
  • Multiplayer-friendly APIs and systems
  • (Eventually) XR/VR support


I know, this is always awkward, but we’re an open source project so it’s kinda the done thing. We know that the financial situation of the world is completely in upheavel right now, and like you, we’re trying our best to do our best.

We’ve cleaned up the Fundraising page to make it clear how you can support Serpent, and in addition, our tooling, practices, future games and libraries.

You don’t have to buy a license, a tip is always appreciated. Our ambition is clear, to bring an industry-standard game and content engine to the open source world, without the price tag. We love indie gaming, and plan to support it the best way we can.

Buy The Game Raiser Lifetime License

Buy a Lifetime License for lifetime access to all of our upcoming game titles. This support will vastly reduce time-to-market, as well as getting the engine open sourced much sooner. Cheap price, good results, and open source improvements. Winning. Remember, we will only issue 500 licenses in total.