Alpha Release: Serpent Paddle Demo

Sunday, May 17, 2020 - Ikey Doherty (CEO)

Welcome to the first post in a long time from the Lispy Snake Crew! We’ve been super busy these past few months and we’ve finally got something worth showing, an alpha demo! TL;DR Awesome progress with our D-Lang written, OpenGL/Vulkan rendering BGFX-based SDL-weilding, cross-platforming Linux-first work-in-progress that is our Serpent Game Framework.

Get The Demo

You can grab the game from or from GitHub

Run The Demo

Just extract the tarball, and run the binary on a Linux/x86_64 host. Those with Vulkan support can try to run the binary with the -v flag. Note that Mutter uses may experience utter failure when switching to fullscreen with the F keybinding.

    tar xf serpent-demo-paddle.tar.xz
    cd paddle-game

Hit Q to Quit, Up/Down to move the paddle. F to toggle fullscreen.

Start with -d flag for debug, -n flag to disable vsync, and -f flag to start fullscreen. The demo is deliberately running at a logical scaling size of 1366x768

What’s it all about?

It’s just a super simple game involving two paddles, a ball and a couple of obstacles. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the blue obstacle up and down, competing against the red paddle and physics. First to 3 points, wins!

Special Thanks

As well as our usual thanks to the community, and contributors, we’d also like to thank and OpenGameArt as fantastic resources for open assets, used in this demo.

Technical Details

This demo game is built using the Serpent Game Framework, which is under incredibly fast development. We’re using the demos (multiple!) to accelerate cadence and land features more rapidly. As such, you can expect much more in the way of demos.


For this demonstration we implemented a new wrapper library, serpent-physics2d. It’s a fairly lightweight wrapper around the Chipmunk2D Physics Library. With it we get fully functioning, high quality, pixel perfect 2D physics in Serpent. Just add the module to any Serpent-using-project to enjoy! We’ve got callbacks, shapes and whatnot. It’ll improve, we swear.


The eventual plan is to actual use OpenAL for our sound system, but we wanted basic sound, quickly, in our demo. To that end we set up serpent-audio as a simple wrapper around SDL-Mixer. It’s crude, but it does the job nicely. We’ll replace this module with something more robust for our next demos (We need 3D sound .. right? :))

And ..

Well, there was so much happening in the last few months, so many massive changes, modularising, rebasing, cleaning, performance work, feature landing.. it’s really hard to summarise.

Basically, lots happened, and we kicked ass.

Next Up?

We’re working on a ‘bricks’ demo. Similar to this one. But with bricks. Oh and special effects this time. Additionally we’re working on a slick public milestone list we’re just itching to release..

Each demo will be tied to specific points in our milestone. We’re going to need the bricks demo to enhance the core serpent library (deferred callbacks, shaders, etc). We’re also going to need a 3D demo.

Oh, and Windows is happening, thanks to awesome community contributions!

Don’t Forget

You can always support us if you like what we’re doing!

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