COVID-19 And The Snakes

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - Ikey Doherty (CEO)

Let us not beat around the bush, we live in truly challenging, and frankly, terrifying times. In a departure from the emails we’ve all been getting from every company that ever had our email address, here’s a rather more frank post on COVID-19’s impact on Lispy Snake, Ltd. I’m writing this post to you on my 31st birthday (cancelled), the day after St Patrick’s Day (cancelled).


For those unaware, Lispy Snake is currently located in England. Physical employees consist primarily of this guy here. More specifically I’m in the South East of England, second largest outbreak hotspot after London at the time of writing. Right now there are 1,950 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the UK with a speculative number of 55,000 actually infected, 71 having sadly passed.

Self Isolation

A number of factors will force self isolation upon my family. Due to a number of variables (partner expecting a child, for example) a few of us are most definitely in the government’s ‘at risk’ group.

Thus, in the best interest of my family, I cannot afford to put their health at risk, so we must all now self isolate. According to the ever-changing, incredibly inconsistent UK government advice, this is curently anywhere between 2 weeks and 4 months, though latest figures from the Imperial College are pointing more to 18 months..

Financial Impact

Primarily the majority of funding for Lispy Snake is through the sale of licenses. Given the fluctuating stock markets we see a daily fluctuation in how much each license is actually worth in GBP Sterling. Additionally, the demand for said licenses has plumetted as we steer into a global recession. Please understand this is an observation and not a complaint; with the state of the world right now my absolute last interest would be the purchase of a game.

With that said, however, Lispy Snake’s finances have taken a fair slap. The proposed assistance options by the Tory Government are not designed for small companies like ours, and would only enfoce a future-collectable debt. Combined with self isolation it is not possible for me to do my usual local work that I would normally support myself with. TL;DR I’ll need to look for some additional contracted remote work.


We’ll continue working on the Serpent framework as and when time permits, or as interest peaks again. Realistically, while cash still temporarily matters in the UK, I’ll need to be looking at other options (remote working) to support ourselves. Realistically we will be seeing somewhat of a slowdown if the current trend continues.

With that said, we’ve got to a point where Serpent is more modular, and we’re integrated Chipmunk2D for physics. Additionally we have initial Windows support and we’re incredibly close to being able to release a number of demos. So, yay.

On the Information Whiteout

I’d ask every fellow human to apply common sense to the information given to them from their leaders, backing governments and health services. There is no point in saying this isn’t scary, it is. But we will all pull through. Now is the time for solidarity. Put aside the mistakes of the last few centuries and let us strive to regain our humanity. Your neighbour matters just as much as you do.

Together we’ll come out of this at the other side; battered, bruised, but not broken. It is at that point we can look to rebuild the global community once more.

Wrapping Up

Long story short, Lispy Snake and Serpent will continue. We’re simply looking at the current world situation and letting you know, things might be a little slower right now. It’s better to be upfront than to be second guessed. If you’re feeling awesome, you can, as always, buy a Lifetime License or heck even donate to support the ever-growing Serpent game framework. We’ve been adding physics support, and its kinda awesome.

Buy The Game Raiser Lifetime License

Buy a Lifetime License for lifetime access to all of our upcoming 2D game titles. This support will vastly reduce time-to-market, as well as getting the engine open sourced much sooner. Cheap price, good results, and open source improvements. Winning. Remember, we will only issue 500 licenses in total.


I wish all of you the very best in these troubling times. Be strong, be safe. Look out for each other.