Moar Advancements

Monday, October 14, 2019 - Ikey Doherty (CEO)
Posted in Engine Updates

We’ve been working around the clock here at Lispy Snake HQ. To that end, we’ve brought about a load of engine improvements. Currently we now have sprite animations, scrolling backgrounds, entity states, irregular tile support, and much more.

What’s Left To Do… Engine-near?

In terms of reaching our first technical demos, we basically need to finish the following:

  • Controller Hookup (I pressed a thing. Do a thing. Almost done.)
  • Better internal batching (future Vulkan readiness as well as interleaved z-indexes)
  • Some kinda physics (Probably integrate box2d)
  • Sound. I hear it helps.

We’ll be looking to prove the engine technology initially through a Halloween inspired mini game, hence the visuals. As such, we’ll be putting out the mini-game some time around Halloween itself (October 31st). Initially we’re targeting Linux, but if time permits we’ll port it to Android, too. The tech demo will be available freely.

The above video uses assets found on As you can see, we kinda bypassed the whole “Physics” thing for now.

And Then?

Well, once the first tech demo is in order, we’ll pivot to development of the first proper title. Our art guy is working on things, dontchaknow. In the mean time, if you want to see these things happen quicker, you have a couple of options:

Buy The Game Raiser Lifetime License

Buy a Lifetime License for lifetime access to all of our upcoming 2D game titles. This support will vastly reduce time-to-market, as well as getting the engine open sourced much sooner. Cheap price, good results, and open source improvements. Winning. Remember, we will only issue 1,000 licenses in total.