Animate All The Things

Friday, October 11, 2019 - Ikey Doherty (CEO)
Posted in Engine Updates

Well, we’ve been unusually quiet the last few days. Truth be known, we’ve been real busy. Architecting here, energy-drink-drinking there.. The end result? We got us some full Tiled Map Editor support in our engine, along with massive tiling and animation improvements.

Lookie here.. Full TiledMapEditor support

Don’t Bore Me - What Changed?

Let’s keep this short and sweet. We implemented full TMX and TSX support in the engine, allowing us to automatically splice a texture according to the column/tilecount definitions (respecting padding, margin, etc). We then suplement the information from the TSX animation definitions. TL;DR - Tiles are implicitly animated by using the Tile GID in a tile map.

Animations, hmm?

Yeah, there’s not much point in us saying we have animations if we don’t then show them off. Note - we’re culling anything offscreen, drawing 3 layers (the door isn’t part of that building, y’know), upscaling, blending, and animating. This uses a TMX file, which in turn loads a TSX file, which has the definition and animations for Overworld.png tilesheet.

The above video uses assets from

What’s Next?

Currently we’re discussing an engine tech demo before our major game tech demo. We’re looking to get this out Pretty Soon ™ so stay tuned. We’ll want to show off what we’ve done with the engine so far, as well as give a very small taste of what we’ve got planned for our game. So yeah, technically? 2 tech demos planned.

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