Shiftin' Pixels Like a Boss

Monday, September 30, 2019 - Ikey Doherty (CEO)
Posted in Engine Updates

We like making things and you like watching them happen. Our most recent introduction into the lispysnake2d codebase is animations. However, it took more than a few changes to implement it the way we wanted.

The above video uses assets from the awesome Kenney on

Texture Cache

We’ve fixed the existing bugs in our Ls2DTextureCache making it super reliable and quick to work with. Additionally, we’ve implemented proper subregion support, i.e. dividing images into regions to blit small areas.

Tile Sheets

Building upon those subregion introductions, we now have simple Ls2DTileSheet objects. In essence, these are a mapping of a subregion name to a subregion itself. To make life even easier, we introduce support for <TextureAtlas> XML files to define sprites and regions in a large tilesheet.

Large tilesheets are especially beneficial to 2D games, allowing us to optimise for the GPU by having less texture switches, and ensuring power-of-2 image sizes. Long story short, we whack all of our images into one big image, and describe those regions in a file.

Nothing ground breaking or new, but it does greatly easy the maintainence burden and improve scalability considerably.


The animations are currently implemented using an Ls2DAnimation object, which is a linear array of frames. Each frame simply has a duration and texture handle, linking back into the primary texture cache. On every update, we check if its time to progress to the next frame, stop or loop.

To facilitate an ECS approach, we’ve also provided an Ls2DAnimationComponent, which will be sourced by the sprite if set to render the correct texture.

Wrapping it all up.

As a result, it gets infinitely easier to construct animations for our entities:

        sheet = ls2d_tile_sheet_new_from_xml(cache, "demo_data/platform/spritesheet_player1.xml");
        ls2d_animation_add_frame(walking, ls2d_tile_sheet_lookup(sheet, "p1_walk01.png"), 1000 / 20);

Note: The API is subject to change, and may differ considerably by the time we open it up publicly. Internally we’re considering the requirement to prebake certain assets as CBOR streams and adding scripting.

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