Off Topical Podcast: a Wild Company Appears

Saturday, September 28, 2019 - Ikey Doherty (CEO)
Posted in Publicity

This is going to be a very short and sweet post, as it’s been a real busy workday here at Lispy Snake HQ! We had the pleasure of joining Gardiner Bryant as a guest on the Offtopical Podcast. You can catch a short highlight version of it below, but be sure to check out The Linux Gamer and Off Topical Podcast channels!

Our CEO, Ikey Doherty, discusses The Game Raiser campaign, as well as our vision, direction and immediate goals. Also, massive spoiler alert for our first game specifics!

As you can see below, we’ve updated our shiny Game Raiser widget to reflect the number of licenses remaining. This is updated on a daily basis. We thank everyone for their support of Indie Game Development, and specifically, our efforts here at Lispy Snake, Ltd.

Buy The Game Raiser Lifetime License

Buy a Lifetime License for lifetime access to all of our upcoming 2D game titles. This support will vastly reduce time-to-market, as well as getting the engine open sourced much sooner. Cheap price, good results, and open source improvements. Winning. Remember, we will only issue 1,000 licenses in total.