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Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - Ikey Doherty (CEO)
Posted in Fundraiser

We’re live! Lispy Snake, Ltd. is officially up and running. As part of our startup strategy, we’re launching The Game Raiser campaign. This will allow us to develop our open source engine and first game title quickly whilst retaining independence from investors. The best part of that? You.

The Campaign

We’re selling 1,000 licenses that will give lifetime access to all of our upcoming 2D titles. This will allow far quicker development of our game engine and first title, as we won’t need to rely on our internal reinvestment cycle from our development contract work. Providing we hit our initial funding target, we can avoid relying on private investors and retain independence, whilst speeding up the timeline significantly.

We’ll ensure frequent updates of the blog and provide demos as soon as possible. Oh, and Linux support is a given.

First Title

Our first game is helping us to build the engine in parallel. Right now, the game has no name, as we’re focusing more on the mechanics and story. Think, ‘Battlestar Galactica*’ meets ‘Homeworld*’ in an awesome 2D strategy-esque mashup. Dark storylines, heartbreaks and hope-crushers are the norm. The storyline will take precedence over visuals, taking you on a journey with our realistic, gritty characters as they face up to the human condition in new levels of isolation.

Want to join the campaign? Head over to The Game Raiser now!

Buy The Game Raiser Lifetime License

Buy a Lifetime License for lifetime access to all of our upcoming 2D game titles. This support will vastly reduce time-to-market, as well as getting the engine open sourced much sooner. Cheap price, good results, and open source improvements. Winning. Remember, we will only issue 1,000 licenses in total.