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Monday, September 9, 2019 - Ikey Doherty (CEO)
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Hello, world, from everyone here at Lispy Snake, Ltd.. As indicated on our landing page, everything is still very much under construction. It’s going to take us a little while to get the website fully completed, but in the meantime, we’ve launched an initial blog. This would be a perfect opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to you, the rest of the world.

Who or what is Lispy Snake?

Lispy Snake, Ltd., is a UK company established in August of this year. More importantly, we’re an indie game studio looking to make a difference.

Ikey Doherty, known primarily for work with Linux distributions, desktop and cloud, is our CEO and founder. He’s also directly responsible for the code right now, and has a long history of involvement in gaming improvements on Linux. We’re in the process of onboarding some really cool people, but we’ll let them introduce themselves as and when ready.

A difference, eh?

For serious. We’re looking to improve not only the number of quality games available to you, but also improve the ecosystem at the same time. To that goal, we’re a FOSS company. Long story short, we’ll work upstream where bugs happen, we’ll open source our tools and engines, and in time we’ll also open source our game titles.

Why would you even…?

Free & open source rules. We love it, and we have some serious FOSS pedigree experience. We believe that giving back will benefit ourselves, you, and other creators out there by lending our technical knowhow and code. Code talks, bull***t walks.

So.. “Linux support” ?

We know it, you know it, Linux support is promised all the time, and rarely is it actually delivered on. But it does make for a bi****ng Kickstarter goal. We actually use and understand Linux on a daily basis, so it’s important to us that it .. y’know, actually works on Linux. We’re looking at other platforms in future outside of the so-called “PC market”.

Engine thingy?

Chill, we’re not reinventing any wheels. Just making them friction-resistant. Our first ‘engine’ project is mostly a cool functional wrapper library around SDL in C, with a focus solely on 2D gaming. You know that boilerplate crap you hate with sprites, tilesheets, projections, GUIs, scenes and graphs? Well, us too. Hence, engine thingy.

So… any upcoming titles?

We would be a pretty bad game studio if we didn’t have some upcoming titles.. Right now we’re focusing on a cross-platform 2D strategy game with a somewhat Sci-Fi focus, on account of we’re geeks. A lot of this development is actually helping us to flesh out our engine, and when we’ve got more details to share, we will. Plus, our blog is lacking pagination.

And in the meantime?

Oh, you could follow us on Twitter or check back here for updates.