Lispy Snake, Ltd. is a brand new independent game studio, estabilished in the UK, 2019. We approach software development from a unique angle, building on many, many years of experience. This should reflect through in our upcoming releases, so keep your eyes peeled.

We have our roots in years of software engineering, Linux distribution engineering, desktop design and creation, etc. Enabling the least path of resistence with the highest quality tooling will always remain our ethos.

Open Source

We build upon, and build, open source solutions. As such our developing game framework, Serpent, is fully open source. We also promise to release our games as fully open source projects after a limited amount of time.

Linux First

We run Linux daily, here. We use it for everything, and it is core to our development processes. As such our framework and titles put Linux first, instead of being a second-class citizen.

Interestingly we have a fairly unique development problem in that we’ll have to undertake work to port our framework to Windows. Ironic.