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Lispy Snake was founded by veteran open source engineer, Ikey Doherty, in 2019. Primarily we are a game studio, and we will begin to work on our game titles as and when Serpent reaches sufficient levels of maturity.

Our roots run deep in software engineering, open source software architecture and Linux distribution development. Our development ethos manifest itself in our software, leading to high quality tooling and libraries.

Open Source

We don’t believe in “free & source available” solutions. Serpent, and all of our projects, are completely free and open source, for anyone to use, examine and contribute to.

Our software remains open source, under OSI compliant licenses. Serpent and the related subprojects are all available under the terms of the ZLib license.

Linux First

We run Linux daily, here. We use it for everything, and it is core to our development processes. As such our framework and titles put Linux first, instead of being a second-class citizen. The net result is maximum portability, allowing us to bring Serpent to more platforms, without the headaches and bugs.

..But not just Linux

We have huge plans - and those plans involve consoles and all major platforms. Linux is our primary platform and developer experience of choice, and through the portability approach we’ll look to put Serpent everywhere it makes sense, empowering indie developers.

Check the Serpent roadmap - Windows support is coming soon.